Senior News - Exercises and Information

Please see the various links provided of comprehensive guides that might be of interest to our senior residents of the Village of Hebron, including nearly two dozen guides on various types of mobility exercises for seniors. 

You can see one of the exercise guides here: Best Mobility Exercises for Seniors

In addition there are published guides on where seniors can get a free wheelchair or mobility scooter, along with where to donate wheelchairs:

Free Wheelchairs & Free Mobility Scooters in the US – List of Programs State by State

Where to Donate Wheelchairs and Walkers Near Me


For more information, please go to  This website provides information to seniors on how they can stay active, fit, and healthy. The resources they provide include exercises for seniors, where to get mobility aids, assistive technology funding, product reviews, articles, tips, and more!

***This information was provided to the Village by Maurice Muise, M.Sc., Editor,***