Veterans Day Program 2022 - Message from Resident, Jim Mertz

A message from resident Jim Mertz...

      As you know the Alden-Hebron Elementary School had a Veterans Day Program.  It was beautiful. The gym was all decorated and they even had breakfast.  I was not only there but  had to read each of the meanings of the 13 folds of the flag as 4 veterans folded it. Then the kids gave every veteran a red and white flower and a Booklet they made.  The boolket had pictures that were colored and poem and just paragraphs all thanking the veterans for their service.  I took my booklet - wrote down every students first name from it and I wrote them a letter telling them how much i enjoyed the program and the booklet.  I had to bring it to the school since the post office would not deliver it.  Here is me, holding the letter I wrote to the teachers and kids thanking them for such a great program.  I even put on one of my return address labels and a "Forever" stamp and the stamp is even cancelled.

Have a great day, Jim