Water Meter Reading Information

Residents of Hebron, as well as all other municipalities, are responsible for monthly payment of all public utilities.  The manner in which they are paid differs with each municipality.


 In 2004-05, the IEPA mandated the Village install auto read meters throughout the residential community at Village expense. Title 6A-3-6 A of the Village of Hebron Ordinances reads in part:  ‘All premises using the Village water supply shall be equipped with a water meter.’ Title 6A-3-6 C reads in part: ‘Every single family, duplex or townhouse dwelling unit connected to the Village water system shall be equipped with a meter reading device that permits meter reading from the exterior of the dwelling unit.  Therefore, you have two choices:


            1.  Allow the Public Works department personnel to install an auto read meter in your home.


            2.  Allow the Village to supply you an auto read meter and you then will be responsible for installation of the meter with a certified letter from a professional plumber stating completion.


These are the rules and regulations that are a part of the contract between the Village and every consumer of water from the water system of the Village.