News from the Water/Sewer Billing Department


The February billing process had to be expedited this month and so some ON-TIME payments were not posted until AFTER billing was completed. A listing of account numbers and names was documented, and a late fee did not apply to those accounts. Unfortunately, that means the ending balance on your current invoice may be wrong. The invoices were mailed out without it reflecting some payments.  I apologize for this but there was no other way to complete billing in a timely manner. In addition, some accounts will have to be billed manually because they did not post an invoice for 02/01/24.

You can email me at and ask me about your balance. I will be happy to send you a reply with the account balance. Please include your name, address, account # and phone number on the request. We truly appreciate your understanding on this matter.


The Village of Hebron W&S Billing Clerk


As a friendly reminder all payments are due ON/BY the 1st of every month. Please drop your payments in the drop box or pay them through EPAY on the 1st ! Payment will be collected on Saturday, March 2, and the billing process will begin.  Any payments received after they are collected from the drop box after 9AM on Saturday, March 2, 2024, will be considered late. A 10% penalty will be added to your account if your payment is late. Payments made through EPAY can be put in on the 1st and they are considered on time payments.