Forms and Permits

Building Permits: Form can be obtained directly from the Village Office or it can be also mailed. The building permit form is not available for download.

Annual Financial Report - Year Ended 2022

For the Year End of April 30, 2022

Annual Financial Report - Year Ended 2021

For the Year End of April 30, 2021

Block Party Registration Form

There is a registration fee of $100.  If alcohol will be served, you must apply for a liquor license and there is an additional fee of $100.  Please make checks payable to the Village of Hebron.    You must also provide a certificate of insurance.  Thank you!

Complaint Form

For Issues within the Village

Contact ComEd

Report an Outage, and more

Employment Application

For the Village of Hebron

FOIA Request

Freedom of Information Request

IEPA Survey

Water usage

Liquor License Application

Commercial Application

MCRide Brochure


MCRide Rider's Guide

Effective date: April 1, 2019

Park Rental Form

Rent the Pavillion

Police Dept. Application

Employment Application

PrairieLand Composting Flyer

Put Scrap Food to good use

Water Department

Request Water Service

Water Quality Report

Annual Drinking Water Report