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Nvision has created a free and easy to understand educational guide on veterans and vision care.

This free resource highlights VA coverage vision care such as:

- Routine Eye Exams & Vision Care for Veterans & Their Families
- Common Eye Injuries & Disorders Among Veterans
- Important Updates to VA Services
- Treatment for blind veterans.
- VA preventive and routine care services,


Guide for Senior Veterans with Dementia

For information on Assistance for Senior Veterans with Dementia please follow this link  Thank you!


Higher Education Advisor -

According to the National Deaf Center of Postsecondary Outcomes, deaf and hard of hearing students are more likely to take online courses. This preference could be due to the flexibility of setting up their accommodations like online captioning and ASL interpreters.

Despite the benefits of online courses, there are still challenges for deaf and hard of hearing students.


A study conducted by NIH (National Insitute of Health) found that veterans are twice as likely to develop dementia. Aside from the normal aging process, traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder make veterans more vulnerable to dementia than the general population.



Hebron-Alden-Greenwood Fire Protection District

For emergencies call 911. The Hebron Fire Department non-emergency number is (815) 648-2218. The Hebron-Alden-Greenwood Fire Protection District has been in existence in various forms since 1900.  In 2002 the Hebron-Alden-Greenwood Rescue and the Hebron-Alden-Greenwood Fire Protection District combines services into the current fire and rescue department.


Hebron Township of Illinois

Hebron Township of Illinois physical and mailing address is 10206 Seaman Road, Hebron, IL 60034.  Phone: 815-648-2994. 

The Road District phone number is 815-648-2077. 

The Highway Commissioner is Zeke Nickels, email:  

Supervisor, Nancy Lech, phone number is 815-648-2994