Alden-Hebron Middle School

Our mission at Alden-Hebron Middle School (6th, 7th & 8th Grades) is to create a collaborative community of life-long learners. At Alden-Hebron Middle School we believe: Communication between parents, students, school personnel, and the community enhances student achievement. It is important to provide rigorous and relevant experiences that engage learners allowing all to reach their full potential. That respect, responsibility and safety are characteristics essential for academic and personal success.


Alden-Hebron High School

Alden-Hebron High School will enable every student the opportunity for personal growth and academic success now and in the future. At Alden-Hebron High School we believe: That success derives from personal initiative with support and open communication from teachers, parents and the community. It is important to provide rigorous, relevant and hands-on experiences to promote life-long learning. Providing a respectful, responsible and safe school enables all learners to obtain their full potential.


Alden-Hebron Elementary School

Alden-Hebron Elementary School (K - 5th Grade) At Alden-Hebron Elementary, we believe that: Public schools educate the masses and accept all, Students learn best at their own rate, using multiple approaches, in a safe learning environment, Children should be disciplined fairly, firmly, consistently, and with clear expectations, Interpersonal relations and communication with children, staff, and other community members should be carried out in a respectful manner, remembering to treat others as you wish to be treated.