Village of Hebron - Fire Hydrant Flushing May 24-28, 2021

Spring Hydrant flushing will take place May 24 through May 28, 2021 from 9am-3pm.  Signs will be posted.  We will notify you of any possible date extensions. Run all faucets and flush all facilities if discoloration occurs. Check your water prior to doing any laundry. If you run into any issues, please contact the Water Department at 815-403-7594 or Public Works at 815-355-2190.

The flushing of fire hydrants has several advantages such as systematically removing stagnate water, iron and sediment deposits from the sidewalls of the pipe.  This will help to improve water quality and maintain fire flows, as well as make sure all fire hydrants are operating correctly.

Hydrant flushing may cause some temporary discoloration of the water.  If you experience water discoloration, which does not clear up within 24 hours, please contact the Water Department at 815-403-7594 and someone will follow up with you as soon as possible.

While the Village water meets all safe drinking water standards, the consumption of dicolored water is not recommended.  The Village also recommends residents refrain from doing laundry when flushing is underway in your neighborhood, as the sediments stirred up during the process can discolor some clothes.  Finally, please make sure to close all windows in your home and vehicles during flushing in your area as heavy winds can cause water to drift and do not drive through an open hydrant as this water pressure can damage your vehicle. 

McHenry County Public Meeting - County-Wide Bike Path

McHenry County is having a public Zoom meeting tomorrow evening (May 12) at 6pm virtually for our county-wide bike plan. I want to invite you and anyone from the Village to attend if you are able.  It will be held on Zoom.


Here’s a link to the Facebook event:


And here’s a link to the website with more information:


Both have links where people can register for the meeting.

BOIL ORDER LIFTED for Prairie Avenue!!!

The boil order that was issued on 5-7-21 from the corner of Saint Albans Street and Prairie Avenue to the corner of Prairie Avenue and Woodland Drive has been lifted.  Woodlands and Saint Albans were not on the boil order.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Road Closure - Water Service Repairs

Prairie Avenue will be closed for water service repairs from Union to St. Albans on Friday, May 7.

Help Protect Basic Services in Our Community

The Village of Hebron has joined 275 municipalities throughout the area in urging Springfield to restore local revenue payments.


The Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) is generated from income taxes paid by local residents and businesses and collected by the State before it gets redistributed back to municipalities.

LGDF accounts for a sizeable portion of a town's operating budget – in some cases between 10 to 20 percent – which can amount to millions of dollars annually. LGDF funds essential services, such as police and fire, road repairs and maintenance, garbage collection and flood prevention.


The State promised 10 percent of total income tax collections to municipalities on a per capita basis through the fund in lieu of a local income tax. But in recent years, the State has reduced the LGDF share from 10 to 6.06 percent.

Now, Springfield is considering taking additional money from LGDF this year, which would make local governments even more reliant on property taxes when they are challenged to balance their own budgets and maintain essential services.


We encourage you to contact your State Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth as well as Representative Lauren Underwood and let them know that you: 1) oppose further LGDF cuts; and 2) support restoring LGDF payments to the full 10 percent level that had been promised.

Restoring LGDF dollars to our community will help relieve the property tax burden and help ensure that basic services remain in place moving forward.


Thank you,


COMED Planned Maintenance Outage

On 12/14/2020 during a snow storm, where a semi slid off the road and hit a pole with Mediacom service on it, Hebron experienced a widespread outage as a result of this damage. Services were temporarily fixed and Mediacom is now conducting the permanent repair which will result in services being down on 4/13 from 12am – 6am. To make the repair, they will have to remove the damaged equipment and splice new fiber. The maintenance window is scheduled for 6 hours but, in many cases, Mediacom claims the work may be completed much quicker than that time window. They also schedule the maintenance in the middle of the night to cause as little inconvenience to customers as possible.


Thanks for your patience during their maintenance!

Village Board Meetings - In Person at the Village Hall

Hi All, 

The Village Board meeting is tonight at 6:00 p.m. and will be held in person at the Village Hall.  Chairs are still somewhat limited to keep up with social distancing requirements.

Hope to see you there!  

2021 Village of Hebron Proposal for Grass Mowing

If you are interested in submitting a 2021 Bid Proposal to cut grass at various Village of Hebron locations, please follow the embedded link for details.  Bids will be due at the Village Hall by March 29th at 3:00 p.m.  All bids received will be sent to the Village Board of Trustees and voted on at the April 26th Village Board meeting. Thank you for your interest!

Village Clerk - Out of Office March 11 through March 16

The Village Clerk's Office will be closed March 11 through March 16.  The office will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 10.  You can leave a message at 815-648-2353 or email at  Thank you for your understanding!

Snowman Contest

Hi All...winter is winding down and so is our Annual Snowman Contest!  All entries are due on March 31, 2021.  Please email your photo entries to with your name, address and phone number included.  The best of luck to the contestants!!!