Village of Hebron Garage Sale Day

Please stop in at the Village Hall to sign up for the upcoming Village wide Garage Sale on Saturday, August 10!  You will receive a sign that you can use for the sale and post in your yard prior to that day.  We do request that these signs be returned to the Village promptly the week following the sale date, as they are quite expensive and we would like to use them for as many years as possible.  We will post an ad in the Northwest Herald before August 10 to get the word out and we will try to have maps available so place around town to alert people to where the garage sale homes are.  Now, just hope for good weather and lots of buyers!!!  

Water Meter Reading Information

Residents of Hebron, as well as all other municipalities, are responsible for monthly payment of all public utilities.  The manner in which they are paid differs with each municipality.


 In 2004-05, the IEPA mandated the Village install auto read meters throughout the residential community at Village expense. Title 6A-3-6 A of the Village of Hebron Ordinances reads in part:  ‘All premises using the Village water supply shall be equipped with a water meter.’ Title 6A-3-6 C reads in part: ‘Every single family, duplex or townhouse dwelling unit connected to the Village water system shall be equipped with a meter reading device that permits meter reading from the exterior of the dwelling unit.  Therefore, you have two choices:


            1.  Allow the Public Works department personnel to install an auto read meter in your home.


            2.  Allow the Village to supply you an auto read meter and you then will be responsible for installation of the meter with a certified letter from a professional plumber stating completion.


These are the rules and regulations that are a part of the contract between the Village and every consumer of water from the water system of the Village.

Village of Hebron Garage Sale Day

The Village of Hebron Garage Sale Day will be on Saturday, August 10.  Please mark your calendars!  There will be more information to come SOON!!!

Mosquito Application - Friday, July 12th

Clarke Environmental will be performing a community-wide adult mosquito control application in the Village tomorrow evening, Friday, July 12th , weather permitting. This will be the fourth application of the season.

Village Hall Closed - July 4, 2019

In observance of the Independence Day, the office will be CLOSED on Thursday, July 4, 2019.  Have a nice and safe holiday everyone!

Mosquito Application - Friday, June 28th

Clarke Environmental will be performing a community-wide adult mosquito control application in the Village tomorrow evening, Friday, June 28th , weather permitting. This will be the third application of the season.

Open Trustee Position

The Village of Hebron has an open Trustee position to be filled by appointment. Interested residents should complete this application form. Forms must be returned to the Village by July 15, 2019 for full consideration. Interviews will be conducted with selected applicants. The chosen candidate will be seated at the September 2019 board meeting and serve through the next general election in 2020.

Available Position in the Village of Hebron's Treasurer Office

Applicant should have a Bachelors or Masters degree in Accounting and/or equivalent work experience.  Municipal experience and Quick Books preferred. Must have flexible hours.  Please apply online and submit resume by July 5, 2019.

Valley Hi Rebate Offer through McHenry County

Valley Hi Nursing Home, McHenry County's long-term skilled nursing facility, has amassed a fund surplus of approximately $40 million, or enough to cover more than three years of operations. After months of discussion, the McHenry County Board voted on April 16, 2019, to rebate $15 million of it back to homeowners who take the homestead exemption. The Illinois Fiscal Responsibility Act provides the process by which surplus funds can be rebated. The Valley Hi Rebate program follows this law.

Please go to the embedded link to apply for the Valley Hi Rebate program.


BOIL ORDER LIFTED !!!!! Water Main Work On June 12th - Parts of Prairie Avenue, Union, and Center Street

NOTICE, The Village will be doing water main repairs on parts of Prairie Avenue, Union Street, and Center Street today and the water will be shut off for approximately one hour.   

BOIL ORDER for 11812 Prairie Avenue and heading east  on Prairie, as well as the north side on Center Street and also Union Street.   Residents are cautioned to BOIL all water before consuming after the water service has returned.  Water should be BOILED for at least 5 minutes.  The Village apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this outage. 

Residents will be notified when the boil order has been lifted.  Any questions should be directed to 815-403-7594.